Now that you have done your brain dump, let’s start to organize those thoughts into a plan.

If you would like me to mail you a copy of the forms that I use,  shoot me an  email

STEP 1:  What do you have a true desire to get done in the next 12 months….. narrow it down to 10 things and write it in a Monthly Goal plan. This does NOT have to be in January, anytime is a fine time to start

STEP 2:  Now that you have your 10 “Goals” written down, what are action steps that you can take in order to move closer to accomplishing that goal in 12 months?   My advice would be baby steps are better then no steps.

                                 Month 1

 Step1 (Goals)                            Step 2 (Action Steps)

1.Pay Off Debt Cancel Netflix and hula
Apply extra$ to credit card
Sell car and buy less expensive car for cash or lower loan
2.Marriage  Leave a note on mirror before work
Set 2 date nights a month
3.Europe Trip Put in for time off
Check into credit card for airline miles
Start reading about area
Find some tours
4.Read 12 self help books Order a book or rent a book at library

Mark out 30 minutes 3 times a week to read

5 Get in Best Shape of life Join a gym

Give up Sugar and cut back on fat

Meal prep every week


Step 3: This step is optional, but I’m an uber planner so I break my monthly action steps into weekly steps.

Some of you will say, that’s too much work, but for me, if I am not intentional about what I want to accomplish and WRITE it down, there is a very small chance,  I will actually get it done.

I also know that things come up in my life and if I don’t have a plan WRITTEN down, I will get derailed.

Do you have any tips that work for you?  I am always tweaking:)


11 Comments on Goal Planning

    • Thanks Jonet! I have to have a plan, and I get sidetracked all the time, but this helps me get back on:). Doesn’t that European trip sound lovely? I made it up for the purposes of this blog. No Europe trip for me this year :/

  1. I like your goals and am inspired to adopt a couple of them! I also need to be very intentional and document my goals, or else I fritter away SO much time accomplishing nothing!

  2. You put a lot of thought into this Melanie and it shows. Thank you for something I am going to try. It’s well organized and easy to follow and I think I can be successful with this method!!

  3. Great post Mel!

    This post is loaded with lots of reminders. I too, have a million projects floating around in my head, and the only way they become reality is when I actually write them down.
    It’s so like being on a diet, after the first slip I steam round down hill. It’s Monday and I’ve got my pad and pencil ready!

    Have a wonder week.


  4. My favorite fior paying off debt is to pick the smallest bill and pay $100 a week on it until it is gone! This method has helped us so much in the past 2 years!

    • That’s awesome Kim! Bet that feels amazing!! This was a sample and I was trying to give suggestions if way people could pay off. I love that!!

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