Do you feel like your days run together and you’re so busy checking boxes that you forget to have fun, try something new and explore?

I started a bucket list in my 30’s and have done it ever since. I did not want to look back at my life and see that there are things I wished I would have done, but didn’t.

Some items will be work, a lot of work, but I have a desire to do them, so it would be worth it. Sometimes just the sense of accomplishment is worth it.

At the end of every year, I update my list.  I add an item, or two, that I’ve thought I would really like to do. I also go through my list, and if I have accomplished anything, will write the date next to it.  This helps me see  that some years I was not being very adventurous, and the days may have been running one into another, to become months, to become a year.  This exercise helps me to live in the moment and make a conscious effort to do things that will bring me joy in my life.

I would love to hear something you have crossed off your bucket list.  Maybe you don’t have one and I wonder why that too?  I am a curious person;)




4 Comments on Do you have a Bucket List?

  1. I really like this! A bucket list is one of the things I need/want to do this year. Especially with retirement coming up in a couple of months – just imagine all the things I could do!

  2. Oh this is such a brilliant post! I love this idea! Still thinking what needs to be on that list. Definitely some household updates/repairs. Ultimately thinking about a new home where our master can be on the main floor but that may be a few years away until we know where we want to “land”. Thank you for this inspiring post!

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